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Roasted Red Pepper & Tuna Potato Frittata

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

A good frittata is an egg dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner - or even as a side! This classic Italian dish is the perfect vehicle for leftovers and can be filled with just about anything. All you need is to master the egg and milk mixture, add in your ingredients and the result is an oven hot frittata with a silky smooth texture that's half omelet, half crustless quiche.

On A Budget : Roasted Red Pepper & Tuna Potato Frittata

Recipe serves 4 people. Prep time 10 minutes, total cook time 20 minutes.


3 medium potatoes

8 large eggs

1 chopped ginger

1/2 cup diced onion

1 cup milk

1 can of tuna in water

1 red pepper or capsicum

1 teaspoon chili powder (optional)

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 cups mozzarella cheese

Chopped spring onion

Salt & pepper to taste



1. Preheat oven at 180 degrees.

2. In a cast iron skillet, heat olive oil and fry garlic and onion until golden brown.

3. Add tuna and red peppers, season with chili powder and salt & pepper.

4. Add potatoes and butter, fry until golden brown. Make sure to season with salt & pepper as you go. Turn heat off and set aside until needed.

5. In a medium mixing bowl, add milk, eggs and salt & pepper. Whisk until ingredients are blended well. Be careful not to over whisk the eggs or it will puff up in the oven.

6. Add egg mixture into the skillet. Make sure to move your potatoes around so that the egg mixture is absorbed in every layer of the dish.

7. Sprinkle generous amount of cheese over the dish and put the whole skillet in the over.

8. Cook for 20 minutes of until the potatoes are cooked through. Use a toothpick to check.

9. Garnish with spring onion and serve warm or at room temperature.



1. An 8-inch baking dish can be used for this recipe as well. If your dish is larger, either make 1.5 of this recipe or decrease the cooking time as the frittata will be thinner and shallower in a larger dish. For a classic take, use a well seasoned cast iron skillet.

2. You can use just about anything as the filling. I'd recommend cooking your fillings or be careful to remove all excess water from your fresh ingredients before adding in the egg mixture.

3. If you're leaving for a long holiday and need to clear out your fridge, this is a great recipe to use up all your fresh vegetables! Leftover meats are also perfect for a heartier dish.

Below are some full-proof combinations for you to try -

  • Spinach and feta cheese frittata

  • Leftover meat, chopped broccoli and potato frittata

  • Leek, potato and lemon thyme frittata

  • Rosemary mushroom and potato frittata

  • Shrimp and coriander frittata

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