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August 16, 2019

If there is ONE thing I know how to bake, it is this No Bake Cheesecake. Mom got me these super cute mini tart tins and they make anything look absolutely professional! 

This recipe from Martha Stewart got me a total of 4 mini tarts + 1 medium tart, which I brought to v...

July 23, 2019

Growing up, lunch on Saturday typically consisted of a quick fry-up by mom before she proceeded to do the housekeeping or marketing for the week. I have fond memories of waking up to all sorts of Mee Gorengs (Fried Noodles) or Nasi Gorengs (Fried Rice) - utilizing all...

July 1, 2019

Cincalok is a traditional Southeast Asian condiment made of fermented tiny shrimps or krill - it's thought to come from Malacca or Penang? Usually served with chilis, raw chopped shallots and lime juice - cincalok pairs great as a dipping sauce for grilled seafood and...

June 24, 2019

I recently hosted 30 of my husbands colleagues at our home for a housewarming-open house-dinner thing which was set and confirmed a week before the event. ONE WEEK to come with and shop for a dinner spread that's good for parties (without being party deep-fried-finger...

March 22, 2019

Cauliflower rice is the new low-carb, grain-free, keto-friendly fad that's healthy and delicious, and also a really convincing replacement for rice. It's basically cauliflower camouflaged as rice (sneaky!) - with the same taste and consistency?? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!...

March 19, 2019

To me, chicken soup is THE great unifier. No matter where in the world and what culture you come from, there is always your version of a steaming bowl of chicken soup that hits the spot! Besides, they did name a whole series of self-help books "Chicken Soup for the Sou...

March 18, 2019

Baby squids are are not always available here in our local supermarkets so when I saw them that day, I had to grab them! I wanted to make something fancy - but also simple and healthy - so I came up with this recipe. We've been trying to consume less white rice lately...

March 16, 2019

In doing research for this recipe, I found out that Foul Medames is a traditional Egyptian breakfast, a national dish of dried fava beans and it's recipe dates back as old as the Pharaohs. So this recipe is OLD - and I guess old is really gold in this case.

I grew...

February 8, 2019

Gyudon quite literally translates to beef bowl in Japanese, and is a favorite comfort food in Japan and beyond. It's beauty is in it's simplicity - steaming bowl of rice topped with a heavy hand of stir fried beef and sautéed onions, marinated in a mildly sweet sauce f...

February 7, 2019

Here in Singapore, dumplings are a crowd pleaser for breakfast, lunch and even supper. These small juicy pockets of meat and seafood are usually shared with friends and family. Communal dining is the backbone of Asian food and I wanted to bring that energy to a party I...

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